Raptors: the ultimate hunters

Raptors: the ultimate hunters

Birds of prey succeed in the world by using their awesome and individualized SUPERPOWERS that allow them to be unparalleled hunters. Do your hunting skills match up to those of nature? The raptors of Close Encounters, the mobile educational outreach of American Wildlife Foundation, will be on hand during Running Wild to demonstrate these incredible skills.

Do you have the SuperStealth of Banshee, the Barn Owl? With her serrated feathers to break wind turbulence and downy noise absorbers, she moves silently at her unsuspecting prey like a ninja from the night sky. Banshee’s SuperHearing allows her to locate that prey in complete darkness, hundreds of feet away.

Do you have the SuperStrength of our strongman, Io, the Great Horned Owl? Great Horned Owls have crushing power in their feet comparable to a wolf’s jaw, able to crush most of the bones in your body. With her SuperStrength, SuperHearing, SuperSight and SuperStealth, one of her favorite prey – skunks – never know she’s coming.

Do you have the SuperSpeed of Valkyrie, the Merlin Falcon? Merlin Falcons fly at normal speed of 30 miles an hour and can kick it into turbo in hot pursuit. Combining her SuperSpeed with SuperSight, Valkyrie terrorizes her avian prey.

American Wildlife Foundation’s 18 year mission has been to care for Oregon’s Wildlife by providing emergency medical care and rehabilitation with the intent of releasing back into the wild. AWF also provides education and outreach to assist in the peaceful co-existence of people and their wild neighbors.

Come see these magnificent birds up close and test your own speed and accuracy at trap shooting, archery and spin casting at this year’s Running Wild 5K Run/Walk and Outdoor Skills Challenge. Sign up now!