Get ready to Run Wild this Summer!

Get ready to Run Wild this Summer!

It’s official! We will be transforming the 4th annual ODFW Fun Run into a major event this Summer at the EE Wilson Wildlife Area. It will include a 5 K run/walk as well as trap shooting, casting, and archery experiences. Participants will get a first-hand look at what a wildlife area is all about and have the opportunity to gain awareness about the programs ODFW has to offer: Angler Education, Hunter Education, and Outdoor Skills Workshops. The event will be held on August 9th, and all proceeds will go towards the Governor’s Toy Drive.

We’ve successfully navigated the administrative hurdles necessary to get this off the ground, and now we need your help. We are tentatively calling this event “Running Wild,” but we’d like your input. Have an idea for a name that will capture the spirit of this event? Share it here, or e-mail if you have a ton of ideas.

Finishers of this event will receive a commemorative medallion. More on that later. Should t-shirts also be available? All proceeds from the sale of the shirts would go towards the Governor’s Toy Drive, so it would be another way that people could contribute.

Please cast your vote by next Wednesday, June 4th.

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