Final Countdown

Final Countdown

We’re down to the last few days before the race! I hope everyone is ready to have fun with it. Some final logistics to take care of . . .

The Running Wild t-shirts are being printed and should be ready Friday afternoon. I will try to make the rounds at headquarters to deliver them to anyone here that day. It may be late in the day, so it’s not guaranteed that I will get them to you before everyone goes home. I’ll bring the remaining shirts to the meetup spot on race day. I’ve already received payment from almost everyone.

The first race is the 15K Shamrock Challenge and starts at 7:40. The last event is the 5K Shamrock Stride, which starts at 9:40. See the full schedule. We will try to make sure that one person is at the meetup spot at any time during the event to help coordinate and distribute shirts. It looks like the weather will be warmer than last year, so we won’t be standing around in the cold for too long.

There will be multiple waves of runners starting the races, so it’s unlikely we will all be in one place at the same time. Please send me your photos and we’ll put together a gallery here on the site.

If anyone is looking to carpool to the event, please post a comment here with details about when and where you’d like to meet. Many people are coming from the South, and it would be great to pool our resources.

There are also several suggestions for post-race meetup spots. One possibility is the Red Star Tavern. Feel free to post your other suggestions here.

Happy running!